Studying Law @ NLUO

General Overview

In pursuit of its goal of promoting integrated knowledge, National Law University, Odisha offers co-operative learning opportunities. The undergraduate degree in law integrates liberal arts (B.A) and managerial excellence (B.B.A) courses into the stipulated five years. While that is common practice, NLUO is to our knowledge the only law university in the country that allows students to earn double honours in law and the allied disciplines. The unique undergraduate programme we have devised gives students a whole array of professional choice – whether it be litigation, academia, entrepreneurship, international private or public law practice, corporate practice, civil services, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, or work with international non-profit organizations.
NLUO offers following undergraduate study programmes.

NLUO has pioneered several distinctive models in its study programmes of B.A.LL.B and B.B.A.LL.B. These are as follows:

Minor Conjoint Programme:
NLUO offers unique minor conjoint programmes for the benefit of its students. The minor conjoint programme for the B.A.LL.B requires students to complete 12 minor compulsory papers from among four minor liberal study areas, along with compulsory law courses in the initial three semesters. The liberal arts courses include Political Science, Sociology, Economics and English. Similarly, B.B.A.LL.B students will be required to complete 12 minor compulsory courses from among four business study areas which include Management, Finance, and Business Economics.

Conjoint Double Honours Programme:
To our knowledge NLUO is the only law university which offers the conjoint double honours programme. In this programme, B.A.LL.B students can choose advanced coursework for honours from among any of the following study areas of Political Science, Sociology, and Economics. Similarly, B.B.A.LL.B students can also choose honours course from among any of the following study areas of Management and Finance. All double-honours students are required to take three papers from the honours course he/she choose to study in fourth to sixth semester.

Conjoint Minor with Mass Communication Programme:
NLUO is also the first law university in India to offer Mass Communication as a minor (optional course with three papers) to its students in the fourth and sixth semesters. This progrmme is available to those students who are not taking double honours course. This option is available to both B.B.A.LL.B and B.A.LL.B students.

Cross-disciplinary Triple Conjoint Programme:
Contrary to the conventional interdisciplinary approach, NLUO provides its students with a cross-interdisciplinary triple conjoint programme. In this distinctive programme, students of both B.A.LL.B and B.B.A.LL.B can choose cross-disciplinary options from managerial studies and liberal arts along with law as major. Which means students of the B.A.LL.B can pick minor courses from Managerial Studies and vice-versa.