Student Committee and Societies

National Law University, Orissa is committed to providing an atmosphere in which academic excellence is the foremost priority for students. But the university also believes that what is learned from participation in extra-curricular activities is a necessary complement of academic training. In line with this view NLUO promotes extra-curricular participation and has constituted the following student committees. These committees enable students to pursue individual interests and take part in various literary, cultural and recreational activities throughout the academic year.


The Moot Society (TMS) of NLUO is managed by the University’s students under the guidance of a faculty advisor. It enjoys the mandate to coordinate all aspects of the University’s involvement with mooting, which includes organising the annual Intra-University Moot Court Competition (IUMCC) for selecting students to represent NLUO in National and International moot court competitions; co-ordinating lectures, workshops etc. by experts; and conducting on a regular basis informal discussions, workshops, practice moots, and special classes. NLUO boasts a policy of extending financial assistance to students for participating in national and international level moot court competitions. NLUO is remarkable for achieving in its very first year of existence consistently high levels of competitiveness in moot court competitions. This eventually paid off in the form of several outright wins and podium finishes in top- tier competitions. In the academic year 2013-14 the University stood seventh overall in the Mooting Premier League (MPL) organised by the website Legally India.



Cult Crew is the official cultural committee of NLUO. The Committee organises all the cultural programs in the university including religious and ethnic events. Further, the NLUO Cult Crew also prepares and sends the official NLUO contingent to cultural events organised by other colleges throughout the nation.

Since its inception, NLUO Cult Crew has put in enormous efforts to build a full of live and happening culture within NLUO. Some of the marquee events organised by the Cult Crew is the Independence Day celebrations wherein the first years hop on stage for the first time in college and present their talent and skills before the entire university with great patriotism. Further, the NLUO Cult Crew also organises the celebration of Saraswati Pooja and Ganesh Pooja so that students can feel at home and close to loved ones.



Friends Beyond Species – Society for the Advancement of Animal and Environmental Welfare (SAAEW) was conceived in 2017.It was created to promote affirmative discourse on issues related to animal and environmental welfare. The goal of this Society is to promote greater discussions and create a dialogue on the marginalized rights of animals and the environment. The Society has conducted several events in the last few years to increase awareness amongst the masses and promote animal and environmental welfare, including a 2-day National Conference on Animal and Environmental Welfare in 2018, selected papers of which have been successfully published into an edited book. It has further conducted an Online Certificate Course on Animal Welfare Laws, nukkad nataksas part of awareness drive, poster-making competitions and National Essay-writing competition.

SAAEW is a strong advocate for creating a harmonious and comfortable environment for humans and animals alike, and works with complete dedication to promote peaceful coexistence.


The Sports Committee of NLUO is a student-run committee constituted ever year under the guidance of the respective faculty advisers. The primary objective of the committee is to promote inclusivity and inculcate a culture in the campus with the strong affirming belief that sports knows no bounds.

The committee embraces the values which extend the idea of sportsmanship, while building the foundation for excellence, teamwork and leadership thereby fulfilling the mission of the committee. The Sports Committee endeavours to value the importance of integrity, collegiality and hard work in a bid to carry forward the legacy as the baton passes on from one batch to another.

The committee supports sports enthusiasts who have the passion to hone their skills in every possible way by providing a platform and a healthy environment for them to grow into better athletes. The intra-university events hosted by the sports committee include Cricket Premier League, Basketball Premier League, Volleyball Premier League, Football Premier League, Gully Cricket, Chess Tournaments among others. In addition to this, the Sports Committee also takes pride in hosting and organising the flagship inter-university sports fest named ‘VIRAJ’ every year attracting participation of numerous colleges and university across the country.

The committee aims to work to the best of its abilities and intend to make the most out of an academic year by setting the bar extremely high every year. With these, the committee strives to ensure the holistic development of all students while leaning into the idea that sports play a pivotal role in shaping our professional and personal lives going forward.



The Legal Aid Society aims to serve all those who do not have the means to hire a lawyer for consideration of their problem as well as for advice and action for appropriate relief. Details of the work and achievements of the legal aid committee is given under the title legal services clinic.



The role of Literary and Debating Committee is not just limited to organising debates and preparing students for them. It also organises writing workshops and conducts essay competitions. In addition, the Committee holds informal seminars where students and faculty members discuss topical issues, both legal and otherwise.




The Social Media Committee of National Law University, Odisha is a unique student-run committee that is constituted yearly under the guidance of the faculty advisors of the University.

The Social Media Committee is focused primarily with presenting the University to the world at its best. Starting from capturing the events of the University in photographs and videos, to managing the various social media accounts and showcasing life at the University and organising photography competitions, the committee is actively involved in all the minor and major events of the University. The committee provides an excellent opportunity for students in order to display their skills in photography, videography, designing, video and image editing, writing, networking and a plethora of other talents. The committee also takes interviews of visiting dignitaries to the university.

The committee believes in working in collaboration with the rest of the committees and putting forward the best image of the University.



The Internship and Placement Committee helps students reach international organisations like WHO, CRY, UNICEF and Greenpeace among many more. Students have also interned at many national institutions such as RLEK, Muktidhara, and Janjeevan. The Committee strives to secure better internships, and eventually better placements, for the students of National Law University Odisha so that they, and also the University, benefit at the end of the day.



The Student Development Committee is intended as an interface between the student community and the faculty. It acts as a liaising body, and represents to higher authorities problems and grievances of students. It also undertakes programmes to improve the quality of life for students.


The Tech Committee is given responsibility over IT-related issues. Presently it is working on a revamp of the University’s website. It also hears student grievances on IT issues, such as internet access, and reports them to appropriate authorities. Future events planned include gaming fests, and national-level coding competitions.



The Constitutional Law Society of National Law University Odisha was established in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law. The Society endeavours through the course of its activities to foster awareness about the subject and its importance. The purpose behind the establishment of the Society is to generate debate and dialogue on various nuances of the subject of Constitutional Law. In furtherance of the vision of the Constitutional Law Society, a student-edited, peer-reviewed and completely open-access blog is maintained by the Constitutional Law Society, NLUO aimed at providing crisp, succinct analysis of contemporary Constitutional issues. 
The Constitutional Law Society blog can be accessed here.


The Informal Discussion Group (IDG), NLUO was established in 2016 along the lines of similar groups in St. Stephens (1959), NALSAR (2004) and NUJS (2011). The IDG organises Guest Lectures by inviting people who have done exemplary work in their respective fields with an intent to motivate and guide law students and provide them a multi-dimensional understanding of a variety of subjects. In pursuance of this, the IDG, provides them with a platform where they are exposed to different perspectives of the guests. The discussions ensue in an informal manner and are strictly closed to media presence. The IDG has organised lectures by Ms. Indira Jaising (Senior Advocate), Mr. Shivshankar Menon (Former Foreign Secretary), Dr. K Kasturirangan (Ex-chief ISRO and Padma Vibhushan awardee), Manishankar Aiyyar (Politician) and Mr. Yogendra Yadav (Politician and Psephologist) to name a few. The kind of support the IDG receives every year is appreciable which only drives it to outdo itself at every opportunity.



Society of Law and Literature, as the name suggests, not only revolves around various legal literary works but also certain extra-curricular activities, for instance, street play, theatre etc. It is a known fact that judges while deciding various cases, tend to talk more about literature because, to look into the depths of a particular matter, one may have a different path. Literature brings interpretation skills and opens the gateway of perspectives. Legal jurists have, since the creation of law, resorted to literature’s flexibility and fluidity to annex definition to legal norms, to fill the loopholes of legal mistakes, or simply to convert complex legalese to the layman’s tongue. 

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The ILPS has been established to provide via research, working papers, publications, seminars, conferences, projects, and engagements, a platform for intellectual dialogue on contemporary issues of international law and foreign policy. The society aims to engage with various stakeholders such as scholars, universities, policymakers, think tanks, and intergovernmental organisations. It provides students from different law universities the opportunity to publish their blogs and articles on international laws and policies on our distinguished website.