A.  About the Committee-The Health and Wellness Committee was established in 2016 and the working of committee includes conduction of mental and physical health events, coordinating with Yourdost, happiness room, art of living and Yoga. Basically, anything related to health of student falls within the ambit of the committee. The Committee has now grown itself as an independent student-oriented platform where members are very prompt and shows alacrity in organising events and programs which encourages mental and physical health in a manner that is suitable and entertaining to all. We have conducted events like Blood Donation Drive, awareness week covering significant topic as the time demand, Open mic sessions especially for the First years students This event not only helps them to interact with their seniors but with the engaging events like singing, dance and poet recite the students feels comfortable. During the Covid times too, we were virtually present for our students and conducted events like appreciation week, one day at a time(where we honoured the various events and paid our gratitude).The committee also works in providing crucial information regarding various health issues, for example, COVID-19 in the present scenario, the committee tried to stay up to date with all the relevant information and updates. Also, time and again have conducted many fun events to create a positive environment in the campus.

The committee members are trained once in a year by the counseling experts. This helps the members to approach such students who are in distress and require professional help in a more amicable manner. The members are bound to maintain the confidentiality through conversation with any such student of the university and then the member encourages the student to take up professional help. The Committee makes sure to have at least two representatives from every batch as our members to ease out the mode of communication in cases.

B. Faculty Advisors for the Academic Session (2021-2022)- The Faculty advisors for the session 2021-2022:

  1. Ms. Divya Singh Rathor
  2. Ms. Sonal Singh
  3. Ms. Rujitha Shenoy

The members for the session 2021-2022:

  1. Mukesh Kumar -V YEAR- Convenor
  2. Soumya Kumari-V YEAR- Convenor
  3. Muskan Prakash Meshram-IV YEAR– Co- convenor
  4. Toshika Soni- IV YEAR- Member
  5. Bhavya Jain –III YEAR- Member
  6. Aniruddha Mukherjee –III YEAR- Member
  7. Arzoo Gupta – II YEAR- Member
  8. Supriya–II YEAR-Member
  9. Meemansa Sharma –II YEAR- Member
  10. Ishan Aryan- I YEAR- Member
  11. Baishnovi Meher- I YEAR- Member
  12. Deepshikha- I YEAR- Member
  13. Aryan Mund- I YEAR- Member
  14. Harsh Pandey- I YEAR- Member
  15. Mandar- I YEAR- Member
  16. Rajeswari Swain- I YEAR- Member

C. Annual/ Flagship events- The committee every year organizes few major events-

Ice-breaking session

Apart from this, the Committee organizes events like Ice breaking sessions (Specifically for the First Years). Away from the home and in a totally new atmosphere, we believe that the new students do need a bridge to connect to their batch mates and seniorsin a fun and engaging manner. We generally conduct this event behind the academic block where the first years come and participate in the event and show their flairs like singing, poetry, dancing, etc.

Workshops& Webinars

The committee with the assistance of the administration has also organized various workshops on issues and topics like Sexual harassment and POSH Act, Building a Cohesive Campus Community, building empathy, improving focus, expressing through Art,MeToo movement, the Delhi infamous Boy’s Locker Room Case, breaking stigma, normalizing mental health, parenting young adults in COVID-19 and much more.

Happiness Journal

Additionally, the committee bi-monthly releases three happiness journal which is a consortium of various activities including positive quotes, mental health awareness, book suggestions, etc. In these trying times of global pandemic, the members of the committee come up with ideas where certain DIY activities are collected and apprised. This mail also mentions links of various podcast, YouTube and music channels which the students can connect and ease their strain or tension.

D. Activities

Blood Donation Drive

The first mega and successful event that was organised by the committee was the blood donation drive held on 27th September, 2019. In a period of four hours, we achieved a milestone of 90 donations from the student body as well as a few faculties of the university. The committee has also been bestowed with a memento of appreciation by the Red Cross Society for the cause.

Wellness Week

The committee also conducted a seven-day event named “One day at a time” also known as ‘The wellness week’. The week was filled with a series of fun, silly and unusually usual activities such as writing down the favourite memory of self or singing a favourite song etc. The activities hardly take 5-10 mins, but it keeps you in a light mood throughout your day. The tasks are very easy and are designed in order to bring you joy.

Awareness Mail

HWC also tries to spread awareness and information through mails on various issues such as process of vaccination, Covid precautionary measures, suicidal helpline numbers, mental health issues, International women’s day, best mental health books, tips to overcome failure and rejections, information on various health professionals etc.

Covid 19 Initiatives

Moreover, HWC also took the initiative to  help and compile all the places where free beds, important Injections and other necessary equipment are available for the COVID positive patients. We shared the details which were helpful to many students.

The committee further shared the precautionary measures, guidelines from the Ministry of Ayush (Ayurveda’s immunity boosting measures for self-care during COVID 19 crisis, National Clinical Management Protocol based on Ayurveda and Yoga for management of Covid-19, Naturopathy in prophylaxis during Covid-19 pandemic). HWC also tried to spread awareness about the vaccination so that our student body can have constancy in the vaccination drive.

Positive Spin in Lockdown

This event helped people to connect through their experiences in lockdown. In this event people shared their experiences in lockdown and what helped them to stay positive in such trying time period. Many students suggested games, books movies etc. It helped to create a positive and enjoyable environment.

Appreciation week

In this event, people can appreciate any other person through an appreciation board made by the committee, in which people can write appreciation messages for whoever they wanted to.

This was another successful event of the committee.

Pride Month Event

In the wake of pride month, HWC came up with an event/short activity, where the students had to describe their definition of love or what love means to them, it could be anything, a write-up, a shayari, a painting, a drawing, a song, or anything in which they expressed what love means to them.

E. Photo Gallery

F. Upcoming Events

For this academic session (2021-2022), the committee has taken additional activities like Yoga and Art of Living.

The committee would through its resources will collaborate with the professionals and also request the Sri-Sri University to provide requisite information and assistance for successfully conducting such events.

For the first years, the committee is also planning to organize a virtual open session to let them know about theuniversity and get familiar with the atmosphere.

The committee is also scheduled to organise virtual open mic sessionsin the coming months which would again let the students open up and share their talents through poetries, songs or dance, etc.

Along with it, the committee is going to organise Article writing competitions for students across the country which would also have rewards for the best entries.

In the session forward, the committee is eagerly looking forward to organise some more fun and encouraging sessions for students which would help in maintaining their physical and mental health and would also be helping in developing a warm hearted environment around.

G. Contact UsThe committee can be contacted either through its batch representatives personally if required or mail us which is

Mukesh Kumar- 8077806022

Soumya Kumari- 7657088770