Centre of Film Studies

About The Centre:

The Centre for Film Studies is established to promote research in the field of films under the stewardship of Prof. Abhik Majumdar and Ms.Dipanwita Mitra.
 The Centre’s primary objective is to advance the academic study of Film and Film Culture in all of its diversity with primary focus on socio-legal aspects of Popular Culture. 
Apart from advancing academic studies on Law and Film, the Centre aims to promote and cultivate inter-disciplinary discussions as well as screening of movies relevant to different aspects of sociology,philosophy,jurisprudence and law. 
The Centre’s agenda is also to welcome discussions, seminars, conferences and research work on issues pertaining to different legislations, judgements, censorship laws, media science and law and films facing litigation.
Additionally, we are excited to host various workshops on direction, editing,and short film/feature film/documentary making.

Objectives of The Centre:

  • To Conduct Research on Films and Filmographical  Literatures based on philosophical, social and legal aspect. By philosophy, we mean, Philosophy of law and its depiction in Film.
  • To organise workshops, seminars and other such activities and promote movie culture through our monthly movie club to promote discussion and research on law and Film Study.
  • To promote learning,entertainment and de-stressing among law school students,faculties and staff through different movie screenings as a part of weekend activity.
  • To promote research in the converging field of law and films.


Faculty Advisors:

Director of Centre- Dr. Abhik Majumdar
Co- Director- Ms. Dipanwita Mitra

Student Members:

  • Junaid Muhammad Anshad
  • Anirudhha Mukherjee
  • Dikshita Sriram
  • Krishna Lohia
  • Soumya Ray


Plan for Present Semester:

Executed Agendas

Upcoming Agendas

Future Agendas

  • The Changing Face of Queer Representation in Cinema.(Celebrated pride month as a part of our movie club)- Interactive Session-Facilitator-

Dipanwita Mitra- special guest- Mr.Angshuman Thakur, Social Worker, Gach Green Hands Social Welfare Trust.

  • A workshop is to be organized by The Centre on 9th September- Speaker, Mr. Nigel Akkara, Actor, Social worker and entrepreneur-
  • Conducting a Movie Review Competition and Publication of an edited e-book consisting of the selected movie reviews. (Half yearly)
  • The Centre is Planning to come up with a seminar/workshop on socio-legal movies and film-study research.

(Tentatively the Center has contacted Film Director, Amartya Bhattarya).

  • A worshop/seminar on documentary film making.

(Tentatively we are planning to invite, documentary film maker, Swati Chakraborty)