Legal Services Committee

Who Are We?

The Legal Aid Society, National Law University Odisha, is a student-run committee of the university, constituted in 2012. The Society carries out its functions with an aim to provide access to justice to the disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the population, primarily by spreading legal awareness and legal education in educational institutions and underprivileged communities. The Legal Aid Society in the past years has worked successfully in spreading legal outreach in the nearby rural areas especially during the period of collaboration with UNDP i.e. 2014-2017. Since its inception, the Society has conducted numerous Legal Literacy Programmes in remote areas of Odisha, predominantly in schools, colleges, orphanages, prisons, brick kilns and old age homes, in addition to conducting several legal surveys in order to identify issues faced by the target groups and formulating solutions to solve the same. The committee recently inaugurated its Legal Aid Clinic in the university which will work in tandem with DLSA, Cuttack. The trained paralegal volunteers and panel lawyers of DLSA aid the clinic in resolving disputes. The clinic aims to provide free legal aid services to the underprivileged. It further aims to amicably resolve disputes by providing pre-litigation services, including developing legal awareness.

Vision & Mission

  1. Vision: We envision a society free from the ignorance of law and rights and promote social development.
  2. Mission: We look forward to better use of law for maximization of justice in society and dissemination of legal knowledge for the development of the nation as well as to increase exposure into the field of humanitarian aid and social welfare by increasing outreach in not only local areas but other regions of the state as well

Centre for Access to Justice

  1. An Understanding of Legal Aid Clinics set up by NLUO:

Under the project, 3 Legal Aid Clinics have been set up in three districts of Odisha. In Khurda, the Clinic has been set up at Jankia, in Cuttack, it is located at Dompada and in Puri, the Clinic is at Brahmagiri.

The Clinics have been set up with the co-operation of OSLSA and the villages have been selected after consultation with the High Court and OSLSA on the parameter of legal necessity and available logistical support. The purpose of setting up such clinics is to extend legal aid to marginalised sections of society as well as complement existing government authorities in their actions.

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Our Team

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Kuntirani Padhan
  • Ms. Nikita Pattajoshi


  • Anjali Agarwal


  • Shantanu Dubey- Convenor
  • Ritvik Maheshwari- Co-Convenor
  • Rama Priyadarshini Padhy- Co-Convenor
  • Adaysa Hota- Secretary
  • Ritik Khatri- Treasurer

Student Committee Members

  • Prakhar Gupta
  • Ujjawal Vaibhav Agrahari
  • Sweta Satpathy
  • Sakshi Pritam Das
  • Vinamra Kothari
  • Ishant Joshi
  • Bhabesh Satpathy
  • B.R. Garima Rao
  • Aryan Rawat
  • Abhipsa Ananya

Our Collaborators

Legal Aid society collaborated with NYAAYA.

Legal Aid society collaborated with Blood Connect foundation.

Legal Aid society collaborated with The Parichay Collective.

Legal Aid society collaborated with Odisha State Child Protection Society.




Contact Us

Address: Legal Aid Clinic,

National Law University Odisha

Kathajodi Campus, Sector 13, CDA,

Cuttack, Odisha 753015

Contact No. 9439639718

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