Centre for Women and Law

The Centre for Women and Law has been established to conduct a continuous study on the position of women in the Indian legal system and society. How far the laws of India are able to tackle the special problems of women? The centre particularly concentrates on the problems of women in Odisha and Eastern part of India in general. The Centre has organise done day training programme on Pre Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostics Techniques Act 1994 for 5th year and LL.M. Students. To carry on its work the centre has submitted three proposals.
  • Research Proposal to National Commission for Women on ‘Maternity and Child Care Benefits in the State of Odisha – A Study on Availability and Effectiveness’.
  • A proposal to the UGC for granting financial aid to the Centre for Women and Law of NLUO under its Centre for Women Studies scheme.
A proposal for financial aid for two days workshop on ‘Efficacy of Laws Pertaining to Property and Marital Rights of Women in Different Religions’ has also been submitted to the National Commission for Women.