Centre for Disaster Management and Law

Centre for Disaster Management and Law (CDML) is the research centre of the National Law University Odisha, Cuttack. The Centre was established in the year 2020 with a motive to understand the disaster and laws regulating it. The centre through different sources including research papers, competition and newsletter aims to spread the awareness regarding various disasters irrespective of its impact.

The Centre for Disaster Management and Law has been set up with the objective to promote vivid research in the field of Disaster Management, which is emerging globally as a full- fledged academic discipline. In the backdrop of its evolution from the practitioner’s domain, its boundaries have been permeable. However, as a field of research, it demands specialisation to meet with the dynamic challenges posed by not only conventionally categorised disasters but new ones not viewed traditionally as disasters.

As India is a country vulnerable to disasters, comprehensive research on disaster management is quintessential to minimise its adverse impact on the growth of the country. The legal framework related to Disaster Management remains a grey area with a lot of ambiguities prevalent. Rehabilitation, systematic reconstruction and sustainable recovery post-disaster are areas which require persistent activism. The centre suggests a holistic legal resolution to deal with the integral aspects of preparedness, response and recovery. The mission of the Centre is to cater to the advancement of knowledge in disaster management, to respond to the sectoral needs and promote positive practices.


The mission of the Centre is to cater to the advancement of knowledge in disaster management, to respond to the sectoral needs and promote positive practices. The disaster and its management need to be studied and talked more about. To be a think tank who by thorough research papers, webinar and various competitions makes the whole disaster management and its bye-laws a general discussion.


The Centre for Disaster Management and Law is one of its kinds and is the first Centre for such studies across the premium law schools. We have the vision to generalize the high/low- intensity disasters and preventions measures as a topic for rigorous research. We see ourselves to be centre for researching on disaster risk mitigations and management in India and to work or make efforts to make a disaster-free India by developing and promoting a culture of prevention and preparedness at all levels.


We have this vision to get in contact with the local governments or bodies and discuss the various parameters of disaster management law. We also look forward to help out the local authorities in time of crisis by assisting them with the data we have and which might turn out to be significant.

We further wish meet the people from flood hit areas especially from the certain areas of Odisha and interact with them about how the government has helped them in difficult times.


The centre works under the guidance of Ms. Megha Sadhu. She is Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant in National Law University of Odisha, Cuttack. The convenor of the Centre is Mr Sagnik Sarkar.

Following are the student members for the academic year (2020-21)

  • Convenor- Sagnik Sarkar
  • Co-Convenor- Mukesh Kumar
  • Members
    • Aayush Akar
    • Parul Priya Nayak
    • Vartika Prajapati
    • Manas Shrivastava
    • Pency Agarwal
    • Nithya Reddy
    • Junaid Muhammad Anshad


The Centre concluded its first article writing competition in June 2020. The theme of the competition was ‘Legal Aspects of Corona Virus’. PFA, the submissions.

Email id-
Ms. Megha Sadhu (Faculty Advisor) – 7978106100
Sagnik Sarkar(Convenor)- 9348024929
Mukesh Kumar(Co-Convenor)- 8077806022

Articles on “Legal Aspects of Coronavirus Pandemic”