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The National Law University Odisha Centre for Disability Law and Advocacy was established with the goal of encouraging and supporting initiatives of research and teaching in the field of law in order to work towards the implementation and execution of disability rights and social justice. The Centre is consisting of a vibrant community of teachers and students who are dedicated towards working in the field of Disability Law and Disability Rights. The Centre is committed to conducting research for the enhancement of the stakeholders and aims at creating awareness for the rights of the Persons with disability.


The Centre aims to increase interaction with students with disabilities in the institution. The Centre seeks to achieve the same by creating a robust research team with experience in research and fostering dedication to the engagement of Persons with disabilities in research. Through the dedicated team, the Centre would participate actively for enhancing the rights of the Persons with disability.


  • The Centre aims to collaborate with a variety of advocates, academicians, NGOs, activists, researchers, research scholars, students and other stakeholders to encourage discussion on the growing importance of disability studies and research.
  • The Centre’s goal is to create a multidisciplinary research environment that allows for cross-disciplinary dialogues and partnerships in order to generate creative research in this subject for the development of the main stakeholders.
  • The Centre emphasizes on education and training, as well as jointly promoting and exchanging resources. It plans to increase the level of discussion and engagement between researchers and stakeholders.
  • The Centre aspires to contribute to the existing knowledge base, as well as acquire and disseminate information on the techniques and approaches utilized by academicians in India and across the world in the subject of disability and legal studies.
  • The Centre intends to participate actively in the creation of joint ideas for future research initiatives.
  • The Centre plans to conduct regular sensitization about Disability Law and Rights of the Persons with disability.

Pallabi Sengupta

Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant

Faculty, Disability Law

Faculty Advisor, Center for Disability Law and Advocacy

National Law University, Odisha

Student Editors of the Academic year 2022-23:

  • Ambuj Sachan
  • Deevanshu Jaswani
  •  Dhanya Visweswaran
  • Kadali S
  •  Kaushik Das
  •  Risha Saka
  •  Sumohita V

In the coming Semester, the Centre is planning to organize a series of lectures by reputed academicians and activists on various issues pertaining to Disability Rights.

The Centre is soon to publish an edited book volume on Protection to Persons with disabilities – Challenges and Solutions.

The book will address issues on the following themes:

  • Analysis of the Current Law and Implementation Challenges
  • Constitutional Scope and Lacunae
  • Disability and Inclusive Education
  • Disability and Sports
  • Criminalizing Disability
  • Disability Advocacy

Official Email id of the Centre: cdla@nluo.ac.in