Centre for Corporate Law

NLU Odisha is possibly the first National Law University to set up a research centre dedicated to Corporate Law and Policy. The Centre for Corporate Law, as it is called, is an initiative to promote interdisciplinary research in corporate law, and related fields like competition law and policy making, conflict management, banking and insurance laws. The Centre offers consultancy and training programme for judges, lawyers, corporate executives, students, and enforcement officials in the field of Corporate law. It also facilitates to protect intellectual property of other entrepreneurs of the state of Odisha. The Centre is planning to extend its activities by collaborating with MSMC, Govt. of India.
Centre for Banking and Insurance Laws (CBIL) has organized the National Conference on “Financial Inclusion for Socio-Economic Empowerment“ in collaboration with the Department of Finance, Government of Odisha, State Bank of India and NABARD on 10 October 2015.
The issue of financial inclusion has been under explored field of law and policy studies. Poverty and income inequality remain a stubborn challenge in India, the rapid economic expansion in previous decades, which lifted millions out of poverty. Financial inclusion is often considered as a critical element that makes growth inclusive as access to finance can enable economic agents to make longer-term consumption and investment decisions, participate in productive activities, and cope with unexpected short-term shocks. Prof. Raj Bhalla, Associate Dean, University of Kansas, United States joined the discussion through skype.