“Movie Screening and Group Discussion with Uma Chakravarti and Dr. Usha Ramanathan.”

On account of International Women’s Day, GSC organized Movie Screening and group discussion on the film “Yeh Lo Bayaan Humare” on 6th March 2023. The distinguished panel for the event included Uma Chakravarti, feminist historian and filmmaker; Dr. Usha Ramanathan, Indian Law Researcher and Human Rights Activist, Prof. Hamid and Prof. Ved Kumari, Vice-Chancellor, National Law University Odisha.

Ye Lo Bayaan Humare”, is a film about the idealism, passion, and the jail time of young women in the late 1960s, seeking to change the world and throwing themselves into movements sweeping parts of India. It is about the voices of young women and what drew them in to abandoning the safety of their homes as they were not passive recipients of radical ideas but active shapers of politics, and provides a reflective critique of the politics of the decade of unrest in India.

Our distinguished guests shared their enriching experiences and thought-provoking discussions about women in jails during the period of emergency. Faculty members and students engaged in the discussions about women in Indian society, the problems they face and while striving for an equal society.

The committee also conducted a delightful activity as a part of the event called “Driblet effect”. Driblet effect marks the idea that every opinion, perspective and idea matters for changes to happen, regardless of how small or big it is. In pursuance of the same, GSC had placed white boards in both the hostels and asked them to write about moments when they felt empowered and the inspirational women, they would like to have dinner with. We received enthusiastic response from the whole student body.


GSC is enthralled by the appreciation and enthusiasm of all participants making the event a huge success and eagerly looks forward to conduct more such events essential for the society to pause and reflect upon the status quo of women by engaging in healthy discussions.

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