The flagship event of NLUO hosted by the Cultural Committee took place from 15th to 17th March 2019. The three days were filled with a series of exciting activities.
15th of March was lined with Solo Singing and Fashion Show followed by ‘Dhol Night’. We witnessed diverse forms of musical styles from the participants. The fashion show was excellent with NIFT Bhubaneswar’s line based of using recyclable products and Birla Global University’s line based on comfort in fashion. The ‘Dhol Night’ was exceptional; everybody danced away to the beats of the dhol!

On the 16th, the day started with the offstage event of ‘Bond Test’ where pairs and their compatibility was tested through carefully crafted wild activities. This was followed by an open mic, which was hosted in collaboration with Your Quote. The turnout for the open mic was enormous and the performances were remarkable. This was followed by solo dance. Post the open mic, MojoJojo played his tunes and made everybody groove. The day’s events concluded by DJ Satya who closed the night with his crowd-pleasing tracks!

17th was the big day! The day began with Antakshari battle. This was followed by onstage event of group dance. Following the impeccable group performances, NLUO’s very own band performed their musical piece. Astha Jain and Ashwini Shantaram also serenaded us with their beautiful voices. This was followed by the prize distribution. Then came Ritviz, as promised, he ripped the stage apart! The night was closed by Ajax.
Kairaan 2019 in collaboration with Viraj was a great success.