Hunar, the intra-college cultural festival organized exclusively for the NLUO students by the Cultural Committee is conducted at the end of every odd semester around Diwali, to give the students the feeling of home away from home and allowing them to enjoy to the fullest to the various events organized exclusively for them. The event takes place over 3 days and is segmented across on-stage and off-stage events. Apart from lighting the entire campus and decorating the academic block, Hunar hosts two differently themed days which allows students to dress their traditional attires on one day while flaunting their western fashion on the other.

Hunar witnesses participation from students across all the batches of NLUO which in turn allows them to interact with each other and grow a sense of unity through various events designed to uphold the same. The last edition of Hunar organized in 2019 witnessed a huge participation in off-stage events such as the treasure hunt which was more interesting as the unlike the participants for the Kairaan treasure hunt, Hunar witnesses participation only from students who claims to know the campus inside and out, however the Cultural Committee makes it even more challenging for them by cryptic clues and fun-filled events. Further, Hunar also hosts what can be called a ‘Mega Antakshari Battle’ conducted across batches which allow students to test their knowledge of songs and without any intervention from neighbouring roommates, sing their hearts out!

Hunar 2019 also conducted a first of its kind food festival, ‘Bhukkad’ which allowed students of NLUO to fulfil their hidden wish of being a restaurateur! The twist being, the food served had to be self-cooked. Bhukkad hosted dishes across the ‘street-food’ category to mouth-watering deserts and even some gourmet dishes. The challenge of the participants was to raise the highest revenue and fulfil the hearts of the distinguished panel of judges including our respected faculty members and the our beloved Registrar Sir! Further, as the name suggests ‘Hunar’ truly works towards bringing the hidden talents our students and provide them with a stage to fulfil their passion be it through singing, dancing, dramas, or even poetry. Moreover, upholding the inclusivity culture of NLUO, Hunar in collaboration with IDIA witnessed a special show organized exclusively for our non-teaching staff bringing them to be a part of the festivity. Lastly, Hunar hosts a DJ night which allows students to put on their dance shoes and have a time of their lives!