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Alumni are the brand ambassadors of an educational institution.They act as the backbone for building a great institution.Alumni association is an attempt to bring together all our alumni who are the integral part of our NLUO family.
The experience and expertise of alumni helps an institution to smoothly transform and flourish with the evolving world. They act as a catalyst for a positive change. Their support and guidance is highly beneficial not just for the students but for every individual associated with the University. Having a strong positive relationship between the alumni and university can be immeasurably beneficial for any educational institution.

Dear Alumni,
Since its founding in 2009, the National Law University, Odisha has grown to become one of the top National Law Schools in our country along with its recognition in Moot Court Competitions, its teaching, its research and its service to local as well as national communities.
An Alumnus or an Alumna, because of his/her achievement brings value to his/her alma mater and in reciprocal to that the brand of the alma mater adds value to its graduates if that alma mater commands a brand value. It is essential that the institution imparts education to its students with a sole objective of converting them into global citizens with an excellent knowledge in their chosen discipline, interpersonal skills, critical skills, societal engagement and respect for all cultures.
I am immensely proud to be the Vice-Chancellor of all the astonishing people named the Alumni of National Law University, Odisha spread all across the globe. You are such an important part of our University and you make so much of our success possible and I feel a great sense of joy when I hear about your successes. Thank you for all that you do for our University. Our reputation is based in large measures on your success. You are our ambassadors, our donors in the society. Your generosity in all its forms makes a world of difference to our students and to the University.
I wish you all a safe and prosperous year ahead and I look forward to working in the forthcoming as we plan to work towards our ambitious plan to build an even better National Law University.

It is indeed an honor and privilege to be a part of the National Law University, Odisha which has traversed a long distance in a short span of time by setting up new bench marks in the field of legal education. Higher education in general holds great promises for individuals as well as to national economy. Besides, our University produces a sense of self-esteem and dignity with the intention of becoming a dominating factor in every sector of the society.
National Law University, Odisha with its vision of expanding the frontiers of knowledge and human base is committed to focusing trinity namely the academic excellence, eternal human values and social concern with a view to enabling the young minds to realize their fullest potential.
I take this opportunity with utmost pleasure to thank the Alumni of this esteemed University from the depths of my heart. I look forward earnestly to your continuing involvement in the coming years as we march ahead in Unison towards a new zenith of new achievements. It is an earnest request to the entire Alumni of National Law University, Odisha to keep this valued association strong and steadfast to help elevate the quality of our academic programmes and various other facets of our operations.
It will be a matter of pride to follow you all as you chart an eventful and accomplishing journey in your career and life beyond your graduation from NLU, Odisha.
Thank you.


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The In- House Alumni Committee of NLUO is managed by the students of the University under the guidance of a faculty advisor and the faculty representatives of NLUO Alumni Association. The committee serves the objective of working as a bridge between the University and the Alumni to strengthen ties between alumni and the University. It is entrusted with the task of maintaining the database of Alumni, publishing interviews, newsletters and organizing Alumni Meets.The committee also ensures that Alumni are involved and kept updated with the current happenings in their Alma mater and batch mates through various social media handles.

Beloved Alumni, You are very special people to us as you take the NLU, Odisha message all across the world. You are our best advocates to prove how education at our University has made a difference. We hope in turn that you are proud of your University as we try and achieve here at our University. There are now almost 700 alumni spread across the globe and that this is an important network you clearly stay in touch with each other and some of you stay in touch with us. What we want to make sure is that the most of you have an opportunity to have the contact back with the University and you feel a part of the wider family of our University as the Alumni network. One of the effortless way to contribute is through this website which will keep you updated with all the ongoing or upcoming events and impart knowledge about the leading edge research at the University. Being one of the most valuable treasures, you can act as mentors to today’s students and faculty, as advisors to the University and, of course, as financial supporters by becoming integral part of our University. Let us therefore be discrete and righteous in thought , word and deed, and strive to uphold the tradition of justice, truth and love in all our endeavours. We hope all of this will be of interest to you in some way we as a University can continue to help you to develop your career and continue to come back on regular occasions to understand what’s happening to the University. The Website is continually updated with what we hope is exciting about your University. Come Connect and help us grow more.



Faculty Adviser:

Mr. Mayank Tiwari



For further details contact:

Hitesh Mallick

Convenor, In-House Alumni Committee NLUO

+91 8280037000


Darshan Borana

Co-Convenor, In-House Alumni Committee NLUO

+91 8619462628, 9468810513

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Instagram: @alumniassociationnluo

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