Legislative Research and Policy Club is a student’s organization, dedicated and endeavoured to promote public policy research, contribute to the policy making process of the country and to support and strengthen Parliament and legislature to realise the values of democratic governance. The main aim of the club would be to analyze the pending bill and to provide research and information support to the Parliamentarians, State Assemblies, Party Leaders and other organizations working in and around country and states to have more in-depth understanding of the issues.

As part of its policy work, the initial projects would be in the form of pre-legislative recommendations to proposed legislations. It would also assist and influence the central and state governments in identifying priority areas. The club would take initiatives in association with legislators (MPs, MLAs, etc.) to form informed action groups and different forums.

Reasons why we propose this:

  • There’s a dearth of young people interested policy analysis. If we could address this seriously, construct a report for every law and then compile them, it could present a lucrative and constructive platform for our University and its students. . And moreover, it is exactly the kind of activity we should be engaged in as law students and critical thinkers.
  • Another major objective of the club is to understand upcoming legislations in its totality. This would be done by analyzing the legislations from head to toe. After sufficient deliberation it would be recapitulated in an article which could be published in various newspapers both local and national depending upon the quality. Further the analysis could be send to parliament and other organizations which work in the same field.
  • It will be a closed group and will attract student dedicated for the purpose. So any one who enjoys reading and deliberating over legislations, it is time to take it to another level of analysis along with your peers.
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