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Centre for Child Rights (CCR) is the specialized research centre of the National Law University Odisha, Cuttack. The Centre was established in the year 2015 with a mission to improve access to justice for children and promote research, advanced learning and advocacy to strengthen child rights laws, policies and practices in India. The Centre envisages providing technical support to the different line departments and statutory institutions in the State of Odisha for Knowledge Management, Human Resource Development and System Strengthening.

Who we are

Centre for Child Rights (CCR) is the specialized research centre of the National Law University Odisha, Cuttack. The Centre was founded on April 12, 2015 with ceremonial inauguration by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dipak Misra, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Visitor, NLU Odisha in the august presence of the Hon’ble Chief Justice and Judges of Orissa High Court, and Secretary, Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Odisha. The Centre aims at strengthening law and justice for children and child rights practices by supporting and initiating research, policy advocacy and community action on children related issues. The Centre intends to provide integrated support to different layers of institutional governance in local, state and national level for the protection of child rights. The Centre aims to do so by creating framework of research support and logistical back-up to the statutory processes concerning protection of children and by providing complementary support to different stakeholders involved in the child rights paradigm.

Our Vision

To ensure justice to children and promote effective implementation of children’s laws and governance in the State of Odisha. The Centre will endeavor to create child-friendly mechanisms through the promotion of child rights practices.

Our Mission

To support and strengthen child protection structures by leveraging knowledge change and policy reforms at various levels of institutional governance  to make juvenile justice system more accountable, efficient and effective for protecting and promoting child rights.

Our Objectives

  • To improve access to justice for children in areas of juvenile justice, child labour, gender justice, education and trafficking.
  • To strengthen law, policy and governance to improve child rights situation.
  • To make juvenile justice system and child protection structures accountable and child friendly.
  • To evolve collaborative approach among different stakeholders on the issues of child rights.
  • To enhance experiential learning by conducting extensive field work and research for evidence-based advocacy.


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  • Human Right Approach: Advocate and promote the practice of stakeholders’ commitments and accountabilities towards children’s rights are non-negotiable but deliverable as primary obligation of stakeholders and they have to recognize, respect and enforce the provisions of UNCRC in all spheres from law and policy formulation to actual service delivery level in right-based perspective.
  • Networking and partnership: The Centre is open for networks and coalitions to develop and sustain strategic partnership with all key stakeholders and institutions working on the child rights for collective initiatives, respect and value each other expertise and to foster partnership with key stakeholders.
  • Alliance building: The Centre shall involve duty bearers and stakeholders, civil society members/ organizations to improve law and policy environment as well as access to justice for children towards realization of their rights.
  • Knowledge Management: The Centre prioritizes legal education on child rights perspective, inculcating learning on children affairs, Research and Resource Hub on children’s issues with respect chosen thematic areas by creating robust knowledge management system. Key actors like academia, practitioners, advocates and civil society shall be encouraged for scholastic knowledge, research and advocacy in the field of child rights. The Centre shall be a single window system where knowledge can be harnessed and shared with various actors.
  • Inter-disciplinary Approach: The Centre shall evolve interdisciplinary or multi-stakeholders approach with medical institutions, behavior therapist, Human Rights Institutions, statutory bodies and academic institutions with specialization in sociology, criminology, social work, women studies and so on to impact research and contribute to law, policy and practice on child rights in accordance with the legal expertise of the NLUO.
  • Evidence-based research: The Centre shall undertake empirical, exploratory and action researches by using qualitative and quantitative research tools to explore procedural and practical bottlenecks in the implementation of children’s laws, and to document field realities of child rights situation to provide evidence for advocacy to influence law and policy.
  • Advocacy: Advocacy for change in child rights’ through legal supports and by strengthening the review mechanism of law implementation, involving of Civil Society Organizations by harmonizing their knowledge with appropriate advocacy tools through capacity building training and knowledge products to bring required change in policy and practice through Legislative, Executive, Media or Public Advocacy as strategically appropriate to address the issue(s) of child rights.
  • Resource mobilization: The Centre desires to mobilize material and human resources from corporates, committed institutions, individuals, groups, donors, funding agencies and so on to create child friendly system through the promotion of child rights practice.

Structure & Governance

The Centre for Child Rights is managed and governed as per the rules and regulations formulated by the NLU Odisha. The Centre is functioning under the guidance and supervision of the Vice-Chancellor, NLU Odisha. Academic inputs and the students involvement to the works of the CCR is coordinated by an Assistant Professor of NLU Odisha in the designation of “Faculty Coordinator’ of the CCR. The university has constituted an ‘Advisory Board’ from its teaching faculties to provide technical guidance to the centre for research and publications. The centre is presently managed by two full time personnel in the designation of Senior Programme Coordinator and Senior Research Associate.

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Our Team

Prof. (Dr.) Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice-Chancellor, NLU Odisha

Mr. Ramakrishna Das, Faculty Coordinator

Mr. S.Kannayiram, Senior Programme Coordinator

Mr. Pramoda Kishore Acharya, Senior Research Associate

Advisory Board:

Dr.Sheela Rai, Professor, NLU Odisha

Dr. Kondaiah Jonnalagadda, Associate Professor, NLU Odisha

Our Donor

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Annual Reports

 Activity Report for 2015

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 Report of LPOs Training

 Report of the District Official Training Programme

 Report of the Orientation Programme for the Mebers of Juvenile Justice Board

 Report on the JJ Members Orientation  Programme


 Training and Advocacy (2015-16)

Policy Dialogue & Advocacy

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Curriculum Pedagogy & Teaching

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 Volume-I, Issue-I


IEC materials

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Case Digest

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