Fee Structure

 While deciding on a law school, tuition fee and living expense is of important concern. The money involved on occasions can in fact become the overbearing determinant. Prospective candidates are usually beset with the following questions: Can I afford the education cost? Will the investment prove worthwhile? Reaching a decision is based upon the pay back prospects of the degree. Contemporaneously speaking, the financial security offered by a law degree is next to none, with prospects poised to grow further. Which coupled with the fact of one’s degree coming from a prestigious institution such as our own and you can rest assured that you have made a wise financial investment in your future. To answer the first question it should suffice to say that we have a competitive fee structure and provisions for financial aid; and add to that the relatively low living cost afforded by Cuttack and you have a surprisingly affordable education.


Fee Structure for Academic Session 2017-18 in Indian Rupees / US Dollars

Tuition Fees 1,00,000.00 Per Annum | US Dollar 5,000/- Per Annum for Foreign Nationals & NRI / NRI Sponsored Students *
Admission Fees 5,000.00 Per Annum
Student Welfare Fund 5,000.00 Per Annum
Examination Fee 5,000.00 Per Annum
Internet / IT Services Fee 5,000.00 Per Annum
Electricity Charges 15,000.00 Per Annum
Sports and Game Facilities 2,000.00 Per Annum
Moot Court/Seminar/Workshops 6,000.00 Per Annum
Hostel Fee 25,000.00 Per Annum
Library Fee 3,000.00 Per Annum
Total 1,71,000.00 Per Annum
Refundable Deposits (One Time)
Library Deposit 5,000.00
Mess Deposit 5,000.00
Total 10,000.00
*  Foreign Nationals & NRI / NRI Sponsored Students need to pay other fees (except Tuition Fees) in Indian Rupees as mentioned above.
Note : The above fee structure does not include monthly Mess charges. Students are required to pay the Mess charges directly to the
Mess Committee at the beginning of each Semester / as per the instructions from time to time.