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Dr.B.Hydervali is a professor of Law, in National Law University, Orissa, born in AP in an agricultural family in April 1954, educated at the reputed Indian universities, specialized in international law and constitutional law, received his Ph.D degree in law for his work “Self incrimination and Supreme court of India” from Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anatapur[AP} under the guidance of Prof.Mohammad Ghouse in 1994. Incidentally he was the first doctorate in Law from the said University. He started his teaching career in 1982; became an Associate professor of law in 1993 and professor in 2004. Besides teaching few subjects at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level, Dr.Hydervali has guided several research scholars for their Masters and doctoral degrees. He has more than 30 publications to his credit in national journals and international news papers; authored a book entitled “Rights of accused in the Criminal trial,in 2007” participated in twenty seminars and five international conferences of which he chaired around ten sessions, completed three major projects funded by University Grants Commission and Indian council of social science research, New Delhi [India], organized four seminars at S.K.University, Anantapur between 2000 and 20011. He has served as Chairman and member of the Board of studies in law at the Universities of Bangalore,Chennai, Tirupati ,Osmania in India, besides visiting faculty of Police Training College in Anantapur[ Andhrapradesh]. Scholars in law cited his published works in their publications. His biographical sketch was included in “Who is Who in the World” [USA publisher 2004] and “International biographical center” Cambridge, England [2006] for his contribution to the development of law. He also served at the Faculty of law, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia from November 2002 until July 2008 under the UNDP and World Bank aid programs for the improvement of Human capital of one of the least Developed countries of the World. Incidentally he was the founder member of LLM International law and Constitutional Law Branch,at the Faculty of Law, AddisAbaba University, Ethiopia in 2003. He also served as Head Department of Law ,S.K.University[2008-2011]Director,SKIAD for giving free coaching for the benefit of unemployed youth for various competitive examinations[2008-2011] Dean and Chairman , Board of studies in Law, from June 2011 to January 2012 .Dr.Hydervali practices interactive teaching methodology, which demystifies abstract concepts and promotes teaching as a process of deep learning. He has been engaged in strengthening the research base of law reform and legal education by actively engaging with policy and law in the field of Human rights, Child rights, Refugees problems and Environment. Dr. Hydervali’s subjects of interests are that of International law, Constitutional law, and Criminal law.

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